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I’M Mahir Ashef, YOUR Design ThinkING Expert

A motivated techno-functional individual who can operate on both business and technical levels with tremendous organizational, communication, and management skills, be involved in multiple projects across the lines of business. Proven ability to effectively multitask with strong attention to details to get tasks done simultaneously. Ability to deliver in an environment of competing priorities and changing working scope.

A conceptualist who wants his ideas to be materialized. Wants to work with IoT & Digital Service Design and Implementation. Gaining needed skills and networking on the way to graduation.


My Specialties

Design Thinking

UI/UX Design

Service Design

IoT Solution Design

Agile Project Management

Event Managment

Pitch Deck Design & Presentation




Mahir Ashef is a true individual with conviction in Leadership. He has super and strict discipline is his activities with minimal supervision. His versatile knowledge and stamina on doing great jobs makes him special here at English Olympiad. As a divisional coordinator he has done great for the activities.
Mohammad Aman Ullah
Founder and Chief Organizer at English Olympiad
One of the most promising youths I've ever met, full of talents. A multitasker, who can manage people with ease and can neutralize pressure. A master of pitching, ever enthusiast to learn and can come up with innovative ideas to tackle presented problems.
Iftekhar Ahmed
Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Obosor
A genius person is he who can use his potential properly. Mahir Ashef is a true genius, passionate and trustworthy. As his campus senior and once employer, I have done so many works with him in which his performance was very satisfying. As a concept creator, a good leader as well as a quick learner Mahir Ashef is one of best, I have ever met. His achievements will tell the rest.
Nasimul Haque Robin
Co-Founder & CTO at Bugfixers
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